Protect Ear products are made to measure, are long lasting, comfortable and exceedingly effective in reducing harmful noise.

  • They are Acoustically filtered and comfortable.
  • Result: Increased Productivity at a low cost.
  • Available to purchase or to rent.
  • Recommended by over 100 safety officers

Hear, be heard and be TOTALLY protected at the same time.

Standard Red
Standard Blue
Radio Protect* Ear
Red with Cord
Blue with Cord
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  • Hygienic, non-intrusive, comfortable.
  • Made from non-allergenic, medical-grade silicon rubber.
  • Gives permanent seal to the ear.
  • Non-absorbent and washable.
  • Contain an acoustic filter which reduces harmful noise.
  • Protected from dust.
  • Allows inner ear to breathe and eliminates sweat rash.
  • Locks into ear and can’t fall out.
  • Lighter on the head than muffs.
  • Speech can still be understood and alarms heard – even in noisy conditions.

Proctect Ears are CE, BS & NHS approved.


  • Pay back time versus Pop-Ins = 6 months
  • Pay back time versus Muffs = 2years

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