How do they work

How Do Protect Ears Work?

When noise kills off your hearing there is no rebirth of the lost sensors. There are no second chances. You become a deaf social outcast. At work your productivity plummets by 5%. It costs your Company a fortune.  It can blow family life to pieces. Noise is the catalyst to 23 different  illnesses.


Protect Ears are designed to stop your hearing loss getting worse and to preserve what you have left. They will reduce noise by 40 decibels when the frequency is 4k-6k.

From an impression taken from your ear a perfectly fitting ear defender is moulded from high quality, medical grade silicone rubber. This material is non- allergenic, hygienic and comfortable to wear. It looks similar in shape to a hearing aid insert. It has the same temperature characteristics as your ear hence it keeps its perfect seal when you are cold or hot.

This method of protection gets rid of sweat rash and the weight and pressure on your head that you have with muffs. Your ears are now open to the flow of air both inside and out.

Nor do Protect Ears go rattling down your ear canal like pop-in types do. Rather, they create a perfect seal at the entrance of your ear canal. They lock into the helix at the top of your ear. They simply cannot fall out.

Because Protect Ears are a perfect fit to your ear, the level of protection is greatly increased.

An acoustic filter is built in to the mould. This enables you to hear perfectly normal speech whilst working in loud noise yet your hearing is totally protected from these dangerous noises. You can hear speech but you can also hear moving vehicles and fire alarms. You are aware of all that is happening around you at all times.


  • Protect Ears Reduce noise across the whole of frequency spectrum of 63 cycle to 8000 cycles.

  • Protect Ears Reduce noise entering your ear between 21 — 42 dB across the whole of the industrial noise spectrum.

  • The Life Expectancy, which is due only to the wearer changing physically as they get older, is 7 years +.

  • Protect Ears materials are renowned for their Comfort…Durability…Long Life…Cleanliness.

  • Proctect Ears are CE, BS & NHS approved.


  • Pay back time versus Pop-Ins = 6 months

  • Pay back time versus Muffs = 2years